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News Release Writing

January 8, 2013

An alternative of article writing as a web marketing tool is news release writing. Press release writing truly follows the traditional principles of article writing. In terms of structure and style, both are uncomplicated and concise when being written. However, writing a news release has a distinct process when compared to article writing.

A news release is usually a write-up about a specific product, service or occasion. Unlike article writing that is commonly neutral and informative, a news release mentions a specific brand. It is basically written not just to stir the attention of the reader on a broad subject, but it already informs the market about a certain brand or name.

All of it begins with a date line. A date line contains the date along with the place where the news release is created. The key element here is to state the freshness of the press release. At one point, a news release is like a news clip. When and where it was publish does make a difference. The press release should be recent and the right approach to present it is by means of its date line.

Following the date line is the body. The regular press release introduces a person who’s directly or indirectly related with the product or service. He/She might be the owner who established the company, a person who helped attain its success or a person who directly benefited from the product. This is normally carried out by many writers because it can establish the credibility of the press release quickly.

Next, the product or service is presented within the body. Ideally, the product or service needs to be defined in common terms. For example, if it is a multi-level marketing company, it needs to tell what does it do and how does it work. It pays to provide the site visitors a general notion of what the product or service is about.

After the overview is completed, it’s now time to give the key features of the product. With out sounding overly promotional, state the elements of the product that sets it apart from all others. It could be a feature or it can also be the cost. As long as it truly is something unique, it has to be integrated inside the body. Also go over the benefits and advantages that a person can achieve from the product or service.

An author’s box is positioned at the bottom of each press release. Similar to those in articles, it is used to offer the readers have an access to the author of the press release in the event they need extra facts.

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