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Backing Up Your Pc

November 17, 2012

Harddrive failure – If this occurs it is typically expensive and sometimes not possible to recover all of your files. Your laptop or computer could possibly become infected with a nasty virus/spyware which could maybe delete your personal files.
So what can you do to prevent this?

There are two main techniques that backing up data can be achieved. The most prevalent way is to produce copies of all of your major data, including ‘My Documents’.

The second strategy is to backup the entire PC, this is often known as an image. It takes a little longer and normally requires a lot more space but helps make it much less difficult to restore your data in the event that anything goes wrong.

You will find a number of mediums you can use to keep your data. One of the cheapest and most preferred is to burn the data to writable CD’s or DVD’s. Most pcs that have been sold within the last five years should come with at least a CD burner, newer pcs must be equipped with a DVD writer. By looking at the front of the drive it should tell you if it is a CD writer or a DVD writer.

To add data to be backed up, right click on a file and select “send to” and select the CD/DVD drive. Then open up My Computer and double click the CD/DVD drive. Take a look at the column on the left hand side of the window and locate the link called “Write files to CD”. Just click on this link and Windows will begin the burning procedure. When your files are saved, label and then store the CD’s or DVD’s away safely. If you’ve got a sizable amount of data to save, there are Blue-ray recorder drives and discs on the market, the downside is they can be currently very expensive.

In case you don’t want to backup your data onto discs, then there is another technique, the external hard Drive. This drive is precisely the same as what is inside your laptop or computer, just enclosed into a smaller box. These connect to the laptop or computer by means of a USB cable, and when connected, should automatically appear as another drive in ‘My Computer’.

Although more expensive than usingwriteableCD/DVD’s, you receive many times the storage capacity. Files can be effortlessly dragged and dropped from one particular drive to another. If you want to take a image of your PC, there are plans available that automate the process, is one particular example. External hard drives are just the same as their internal counterparts, they’ll still fail!

If you move data from your laptop or computer to the external drive, don’t forget to maintain a backup on your laptop or computer too.

Why should I backup my data?

People normally tend not to commit cash on backing up there data because as with insurance, there is no actual advantage unless of course something goes wrong. But think how much you’d pay out to get your pictures back in the event you lost them as a result of a hard drive crash?

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