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Simple Manual to Moving WordPress Files

October 16, 2012

Occasionally WordPress will have to be moved around within the current server. Fortunately, there isn’t any need to re-install WordPress in the new site, and the following directions will present the best way to copy WordPress very easily and successfully.

To move WordPress files from location to location within your server, as a result modifying its URL, first of all requires one of two steps: once the core files are being moved into a brand new directory, this directory will 1st have to be created; or, if WordPress is to be moved into the root directory, all index.php and other pertinent files being copied must be backed up or/and moved (ensure the root directory has been prepared).

Subsequent, it is essential to log into the weblog and access the Administrations Settings General panel, the place the new site for your core files (WordPress) should be added to the WordPress address box (URI). The location for the Blog address (URI) also must be modified (this has to match the WordPress (URI)). Settings need to then be saved. It’s critical to not attempt to access the weblog at this time! WordPress 2.0 users have to delete the wp-content/cache folder ahead of proceeding on into the next stage.

All WordPress core files, including all files contained within the previous directory/ sub directories, at the moment are moved to their new location. If Permalinks are utilized, the Permalink format has to be updated to the .htaccess file (located in the directory the principal file for your index.php is situated in) by accessing the Administration Settings panel for Permalinks.

It is feasible that some uploaded images are going to be missing. This may be rectified by modifying the path to each image straight with the SQL database. Directions on the best way to do this can be present in a tutorial out there on the Tamba2 website.

In order to stop any new uploads ending up in the previous folders, the settings for the “store uploads folder” also have to be changed. This can be done in the Administration/ Settings/ Miscellaneous panel. The new location has to also be updated for current media/ images upload links.

Depending on the user’s current ISP, some permissions might have been changed from earlier settings. Any files displaying 0000 permissions need to be reverted back to 0644 permissions.

Should different menus be supported by the theme, links to the homepage may possibly need to be updated from old embedded subdirectories; this is completed within the Appearance/ Menus panel. It is critical to set URI locations prior to any files are moved. Yet, it is possible to rectify the issue if files have accidentally been moved prior to setting URI locations.

After these steps are done, the new website must be tested and, if necessary, the new address handed on to other users.

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